FreeClaim offers you free lawyers in Madrid in person, or online free lawyers if you are out of the Community of Madrid.

Through our system of lawyers on commission, you can claim your rights at no cost to you, as FreeClaim will charge you by a no win no fee policy, charging only a small percentage of the final amount you get paid with.

This system of free lawyers allows you to have the best professionals, because of their success depends entirely their remuneration.

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Our no win no fee policy is allowed in Spanish legislation from recent times, and allows our free lawyers to provide an innovative service having a single method of work based on the commission depending on what you get paid with, adapting the particular methodology of each of our clients.

We can develop our activities, both judicial and extrajudicial, throughout Spain, due to a free online service lawyers or lawyers in person in the Community of Madrid.

We have a wide expertise and will give you a personalized treatment, what constitutes our biggest and best asset valued.

Our guideline is passion for the legal profession, focus on customer needs, making a pro-active advice and being aware that only we will win if the customer gets its goals.

Traffic Accidents

You can claim your compensation or severance without cost from the beginning until the final payment. flecha


If you want to claim damages, we will help you free of charge, with a no win no fee policy, charging a small percentage of what you get paid with.



97% claim success rate

within certain fields: In some fields our success rate is almost complete. Consult us for free


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