In FreeClaim we are corporate and commercial lawyers. Our team of commercial lawyers can help you in any kind of conflict, or to prevent any conflict in the future.

Through a commercial lawyer in Madrid in person, or through an online lawyer if you are out of the Community of Madrid, you can claim your rights or have our preventive advice.

We have many years of experience providing continuous advice in all types of corporate, commercial and contractual consultations, and advising in insolvency and pre-insolvency areas. Also FreeClaim may help you in drafting complains in the corporate and commercial field, as well as advisory in any kind of corporate conflicts.


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Moreover, through our commercial lawyers we have advised in all types of transactions, corporate restructurings, acquisitions of company, etc., as well as ongoing advice on all types of commercial and contractual questions.

We have also participated in legal proceedings for challenging corporate agreements, abuse of the majority shareholder, protecting te position of the minority and majority shareholder, as well as many other issues directly related to the field of corporate and commercial law.

If you need a corporate and commercial lawyer, ask us without any commitment and we will help you.

Civil claims

Our civil lawyers may claim your rights at no cost to you.

Commercial claims

We are specialist in business law, in all kinds of conflicts and preventive advising.

Express Evictions

We will help you without any money advance: from prior negotiation until the final eviction.

Bankruptcy proceedings

We have a wide experience in the field of bankruptcy proceedings, both from side of creditors and the debtors.

Civiles y Mercantiles

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