We handle your debt collection portfolio at no cost to you. We perform debt collection whether it is a specific case, or the whole debt management of your company. We are specialists in debt collection through a professionalized system that analyses the creditworthiness of the defaulting debtor, and the chances of success of the claim.

The debt collection action will start, ordinarily, trying a possible extrajudicial solution to the conflict. If this is not possible, FreeClaim shall be responsible for the legal action to claim your rights through a payment procedure (judicial or notarial), verbal or ordinary, depending on the circumstances.


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Our expert lawyers in the debt collection will be responsible for all claims, whether it is a specific case or the whole portfolio, depending on each case, and will only charge you a small percentage of what you finally are paid with.

The aforementioned debt management solution shall be individually negotiated with each customer.
Moreover, in FreeClaim we maintain a constant updating of knowledge, with several number of hours focus on study and further training.

The of debt collection will have variable costs depending on what you get paid with, which implies a great efficiency by integrating the extrajudicial negotiation and, where appropriate, the judicial. Your interests will be completely aligned with ours.

Collect unpaid invoices

Collect your unpaid bills at no cost to you. The more time elapses, the more difficult will be to recover your money.

Debt collection

We collect debt whether it is a specific case or the whole debt management of your company.

Payment procedure

If negotiation fails, the payment procedure may allow you to quickly recover the debt.


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within certain fields: In some fields our success rate is almost complete. Consult us for free


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