If you want to complain about the Bankia shares, FreeClaim will assist you throughout all the process. In FreeClaim we are experts in claims based on Bankia shares, and advise to all those affected to look for legal assistance as soon as possible.

Through a civil lawsuit, our Banking lawyers may help you to recover 100% of the original investment plus legal interest.

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As you can see in this court ruling of Bankia shares, you can get your money plus interest. If you want to know how to claim for Bankia shares, visit our Blog.

After the capital increase of Bankia of more than three billion euros by Bankia, on May 9, 2012 the company was taken over, which led to a slump in the share price. On May 25, 2012 Bankia approved new accounts in 2011 with losses of close to three billion.

In FreeClaim we can recover the investment in shares of Bankia. After submitting an extrajudicial claim to Bankia requesting the full amount invested by you, it will be submitted the relevant action before the civil courts, if the entity does not agree to negotiate.

Bankia Shares

Have you been affected by the Bankia shares? Recover your money without having to advance any amount.

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