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FreeClaim has come to revolutionise advocacy. Through a no win no fee policy, we will only charge you if you win and you get paid for it. Our fee system is from 4 to 19% of the final amount, depending on the solvency of the debtor.

FreeClaim has a professional and tailored system, depending on the case. It is not limited to a lawsuit or a extrajudicial claim, we offer a full services of debt collection.

Usually, the claim will start through one or several extrajudicial claims, like phone calls or letters of complaint.

Should the debt is not recovered, we will proceed to fill a lawsuit through a verbal or ordinary procedure.

Doy you want to know how to file a claim? In our blog we help you to learn how to write a complaint letter.

Our advice, however, is to hire FreeClaim services, as we provide legal guidance to all the debt collection process, providing you with an extra value. For instance, our extrajudicial claims will be drafted and signed in all cases by lawyers duly registered at the BAR, always in strict compliance with ethics and the professional rules that inspires our practice.

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