FreeClaim has a broad experience in the field of bankruptcy proceedings. The advice is not always focused on the bankruptcy area itself, but also can go to pre-bankruptcy stages or, if appropriate, to the debt negotiation with creditors to the avoidance of the bankruptcy proceeding.

In FreeClaim we have the point of view both as counsel for debtors and serving as bankruptcy administration, and therefore our team of bankruptcy lawyers can help you both in bankruptcy proceedings, as in cases where your debtor is in a such kind of insolvency proceeding.

Where appropriate, FreeClaim will also help you in the preparation of the specific communication credit that all the creditors have to file before the bankruptcy administration, as well as the following of you credit of all the entire bankruptcy procedure until you get paid.

In an economic scenario like this, you cannot ignore the huge impact that the bankruptcy procedure has in debt collection and the legal system in general.

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In FreeClaim we practice as bankruptcy lawyers of both, debtors and creditors, and know perfectly the practical problems that could arise in the pre-insolvency or bankruptcy proceedings.

In FreeClaim we can manage the bankruptcy proceedings, or the communication of the credit and, where appropriate, the corresponding lawsuit that could be generated in the process against the list of creditors within the bankruptcy proceeding.

Moreover, we can also advise on attendance at creditors meetings, creditors agreements, as well as bankruptcy lawsuits or the challenge of the list of creditors (for example, for unpaid claims if they are generated after the bankruptcy).

Finally, even if the debtor company closes de facto without any insolvency proceedings, we encourage you to start an individual action of liability of directors, because they have acted negligently. Consult a bankruptcy attorney.

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We have a wide experience in the field of bankruptcy proceedings, both from side of creditors and the debtors.

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